Cold Forge?

Trying to understand the behavior that just happened about 2 minutes ago…

Ran a short job… 26 mins. The last step was to cut. It got about 35% through the cut and then just… stopped. It sat there. Fans running full speed, head/gantry not moving, laser not firing. Light was on solid white. I captured video, although if it’s a video and nothing’s moving, is it really still a video? :wink: So, after maybe… 30 seconds of that I just opened the lid. The job canceled as it should, the head returned to upper-left, the fans powered down.

- But the light turned orange!

So, yeah… It’s cold outside right now. 30ºF, And I have the hose out the window. And the heat’s not on in the Glowforge room. I don’t know the temp of the room, but I could see my breath.

I realize I’m probably outside of operating temps. But my concern here is that it didn’t tell me. It just sat there, spinning fans at full speed, WHITE light. Shouldn’t it’ve turn orange BEFORE I lifted the lid. You know… to let me know what the heck it was doing?

Suggest noting the time of the job so support can look at the logs to confirm it was a temperature issue and possibly see why it didn’t notify you.


Yeah. Wasn’t thinking. Updated it.


Thank you for letting us know about this. I extracted the logs around the time you reported and didn’t see anything of specific concern.

We appreciate you posting about this and I will pass this information along to the team. I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any more trouble, please start a new thread or reach out at