Collapsible scroll saw bowl

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Hey folks so @Tony just posted about a really cool layered art piece. The layering reminded me of something else.

collapseable scroll saw bowl

It’s a scroll saw bowl, that is basically done with a single , spiralling cut. The YouTube clip is of a very basic one, but search a combination of collapsible , scroll saw, bowl, and the such, and you should find some really cool things.

Inkscape has a spiral tool that I can see being useful for this. Also I can’t imagine doing this with less then 1/2 inch thick stock, because of the over lap. So I really the GF team gets the 2side cutting working right.

I keep finding that scroll saw projects really lend themselves well to the laser. Or so it seems at the moment.


I’ve actually had this in my mind for a while now. I have a relative that does some really nice scroll saw work, and has made a decent living of it. Before I had heard of the glowforge, and figured a relatively affordable laser would do the same work as a scrollsaw (only much more accurately, and isn’t limited to just cuts), my plan was to buy a high quality scroll saw and learn his skills. I like the laser idea better. Really nice designs, by the way.