Colorado Plastics

Saw the post with the Colorado users and Colorado Plastics.

I just learned of this place and spoke to them briefly (for a project I was working on) but didn’t end up shopping from them.

Have any of you been since they’ve resumed this year? They told me no one can go into their warehouse now so i was wondering how the sale works now.

Btw, waving to those of you who are in the general area. Like @gpadgham @PrintToLaser @dwardio, @PFI-Guy and @morganstanfield. I’m in the north Denver metro area and my workplace (though I’ve been work remotely since the end of 2017) is in Louisville. :smiley:


They’ve resumed the 4th Friday sales (although the Nov & Dec sales are always rescheduled due to the holidays – if you sign up for their updates you’ll get the latest info. I went last month and it was BAU in that we were allowed into the warehouse (with masks of course) to paw through their remnants. There’s always heaps of extruded and cast clear, white, and black in 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 as well as some colors (those go fast, so early is better). I live in Erie and worked in Boulder before retiring earlier this year. :sunglasses:


Oh awesome! How early do you go?

How do you like this place, generally speaking? What is their customer service like?

I’ve been shopping there for years and they are always helpful and nice. During the ear-savers campaign, I was buying full sheets of clear acrylic and they cut them down to GF-friendly pieces at no extra charge.

I try to go by 10am if I’m looking for colors.



I need to use up PTO before I lose it, so it sounds like a nice excuse to take a morning off or something. :smiley:

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