Colorado 'Forgers: Colorado Plastics Monthly Remnant Sales

Hey friends in Colorado, Colorado Plastics (which is practically in my back yard) has a half-price remnant sale every 4th Friday of the month, and they carry a lot of laserable goods. Here’s the info from the website:

"Monthly 4th Friday Half-Price Plastic Remnant Sale

"Every month, on the fourth Friday of the month, Colorado Plastic Products puts all of its remnant and scrap plastic on sale for half-price. This sale includes machinable plastic like ABS, acetal, Delrin, HDPE, nylon, PTFE, polypropylene, Teflon, Ultem and UHMW. It also includes see-through sheet plastics like acrylic, Lexan, Lucite, PET-G, Pleixglas, polycarbonate, and Vivak.

“We waive the minimum order amount of $25 for this sale too.”

Maybe the first CO-GFUG meeting could begin with a field trip to get plastics and then snacks at either the gastropub down the street or my digs.


Wishing I lived nearby to take advantage of the sale and the meetup!

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I wish! Have fun pickin’!

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@dwardio and I have met a few times there.

When they get too much of a material, they go to 75% off. The Delrin bins (white and black) were in the last two months at 75%. Picked up some 4 foot lengths 2.5x2.5 inch Delrin for $5 (they don’t have the blocks any more) that I can resaw down to 1/4 in or less and make available.

After Kòptis became a reality, my wife went down with me last month and got to experience the selection of raw material. She even found some green granite freckled acrylic to try @Jules acrylic sump bowl (BTW @Jules could I get an SVG of that).

The Colo-Glowster in Lyons would enjoy getting to experience that too.

It would be fun to meet those in the Denver-Boulder metro area. So far, I have not determined who the other 2 (on the Glowforge map) are in FoCo.


REALLY wish there was a good place to get plastic remnants here in MD. At least I have not been able to find anything comparable in my searches.

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Excellent idea, Morgan!

Btw, I’m betting that the sales for November & December will be on the third Friday of these months. They adjusted the dates last year to avoid Black Friday and the last Friday before Christmas.


Great idea Morgan!

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Brass tacks time. 4th Friday sale is this week… Plastics & pints, anyone? It’s a dilemma, though. Better selection before beer-thirty. :thinking:


I’m in! Plastics well before pints, though, definitely. It’s not like they’re going to run out of beer.


You beat me to the posting heads up.

Kòptis has enjoyed the diet of local grown acrylic. Time for his refill.


Time frame?

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I am surprised how busy it is at opening, but there is potential decrease of usable/desirable choices.

I took my wife down last time (and got there like 15 minutes after they opened) and there was 8 to 10 people looking through everything.

BTW, Does anyone going to this Friday want some 1/16", 1/8", 3/16" and/or 1/4" Delrin to try out? I got my bandsaw resaw blade in 2 weeks ago and can cut some 2 3/8" x 10" strips to test on GF :glowforge: .

Still need to get a riser block to resaw anything taller than 6".


Unfortunately I have my annual wellness check up scheduled for Friday morning. :face_with_thermometer:

The weather is supposed to turn Thursday I think, so you all be careful out there!

Hmm. I was thinking of arriving when they open for the best choices. I could pick some things up for you, @PrintToLaser. I would totally take you up on your offer, @PFI-Guy. My Pro should arrive sometime in the next three weeks.

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Thank you Morgan, that’s very kind, but I don’t know enough about plastics to know what I’d want. I already have a pretty healthy stack of acrylic stashed. :wink:

Frankly, getting to meet my fellow Colo-forgers was more alluring than the potential savings on some material. I may feel differently when I see what you all make with your haul.


I’d be up to just meet up in the afternoon–I’ve been looking forward to that for, oh, about 2 years. When would your appointment let you get to Louisville?

I’ll Message you :grinning:

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This week had been a disaster at work, so getting to meet folks would be a wonderful change of pace… I’m more than ready to bail early on Friday afternoon if y’all are getting together.


If I didn’t have to be back in NoCo for an afternoon friend’s wedding, I would be joining @dwardio, @PrintToLaser and @morganstanfield for a FAC.

I did cut (need a bit more practice for smoothness) some 1/8" Delrin from Colorado Plastics. I could drop it off at @dwardio 's house if you would like to take it to your afternoon meetup.


I’d be happy to do that, but will be leaving for work in Boulder pretty early – 0700 or so.