Colorado Wildfires / Evacuations

Who’s in the Boulder/Louisville/Superior area (in Colorado) right now?
Is everyone ok? This is scary.

(There are 3 fires right now, with horribly strong winds (some over 100mph). Costco and Target are on fire, homes are burning down. Louisville and Superior are ordered to evacuate. Some areas in Broomfield are on pre-evac alert.)

@PrintToLaser I can’t remember if you’re that far north.


No, I’m far south in Lone Tree, just inside Douglas county.


I think he’s ok right now, hasn’t gotten that far.
@dwardio , you ok?

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We’re safe for the moment. Pre-evacuation area is two miles south of our house in Erie. Here’s the view from here as of 1:30pm:

@PrintToLaser - Superior Tesla is a total loss according to FD radio. Was just there yesterday.


Stay safe gang! :slightly_frowning_face:


Geez… :grimacing: What’s the wind direction? Hopefully not NE.

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I just keep hearing them say stuff like how the wind just shifted… my husband is streaming it on his computer (since my son is playing xbox).
I have a coworker from India who’s in an apartment in Rock Creek with his family. I’m worried about them!


Straight out of the west so far.

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This is a pic from Kyle Clark right by my work office.

He said the winds are pushing the fire north I think, he’s at Harper Lake right there.


Omigosh…keeping all of you who are in harm’s way or anxious about being there, in my thoughts. I know firsthand the feeling after fires raging in Oregon last year.


OMG… I can’t imagine. The distance of the picture from the house, that’s about as close as you can get to a fully engulfed structure. The heat is too intense, that fence in the foreground is likely to combust. Depending on FD response, a house next to that one will likely go.

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Oh gosh this is insane, hoping no-one or their loved ones are in the path of this.

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I was just texting a couple of coworkers. One had to evacuate (the one I mentioned above) but they are safe at a friend’s house. My other coworker and I are wondering if our office burned down… we have no way to know right now. But our office is literally next to open space and trails, and it’s right there where everything is burning down.

I haven’t worked in the office for several years (because of my daughter’s medical issues). And most people still work remotely (because of COVID), though some people choose to go into the office. They closed the office and everyone’s evacuated. Our systems are not on-site and there is plenty of redundancy in place. Thank God. But this is so scary…


@dwardio, Dennis, if you have to evac and need a place, we have plenty of rooms here, yours as long as you need it.


@PrintToLaser Thanks, Dave! I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll be okay, and am thankful for friends like you that have our backs.

Hoping the winds die down this evening and we get a good, heavy snow tomorrow.


I have friends in the Sierras, and also East of there (Tahoe and Carson City), and also in CO, all have faced serious threat from fires this year. It was a horrible fire season.

All my friends “dodged the bullet” so to speak, including the current fires in CO it seems. Some of their neighbors were not so lucky. Much of it ended up on social media and, I’m sure, local news.

It’s somewhat ironic, I think, that the Sierras are getting dumped on (snow and rain) while fires are now raging in the Eastern Rockies.

Well wishes for those that might be at-risk. We were awake most of last night and this morning waiting for the tornado sirens. :roll_eyes:


There’s supposed to be a snowstorm tomorrow. Which is great news, but not great for the people who are impacted in between now and then.


So sorry to hear this. I hope everyone is okay.


My daughter and her b/f got a room at the Staybridge Denver South - said there were a lot of evacuees there. There were still rooms when they checked in an hour ago. They were evacuating from Broomfield and decided to not face the downtown Denver traffic.


How horrifying for those involved. :disappointed_relieved: