Colored Glass Tile


Very similar to:

I may have used too high of a power setting. Engraved from the back, you can see in the picture how it might have crystalized the glass? I’m not sure what would have given it that glittery effect, but everyone seems to love it.![fullsizeoutput_766|690x428]


Wonderful, looks good to me as it is!


Looks fantastic!:grinning:


Wow, amazing! I really must try some of these tiles.


Very nice. The glittery effect seems to be from how glass chips as it’s hit by the laser. Glass doesn’t burn or melt. The heat causes flakes to pop out. You could go with lower power to see if you can only burn the colored material.


Thanks for the info. It is actually a pretty neat effect. I figured it was due to the power. Unlike most on here, I start with high power and then slowly reduce if I don’t get the results I’m looking for… guess I like to live dangerously.


Some of us like to backflip with scissors! :sunglasses:


Nothing in the manual said that we can’t backflip with scissors. Only running with scissors is prohibited.


Looks great to me