Colorful Letters - Wood Art


Now i have created a small art for my kitchen after the creation of the mobile for my son ( Baby mobile. First Try )…

Hope you like it… All the advise and feedback is welcome


Wow! So nice.


I really like that! What did you use behind the wood? :grinning:


Thanks a lot. I used cardboard and then some transparent acrylic to make it shine… :slight_smile:


That’s really neat. I love the art formed by a simple word and swoosh. Really creative.


I really love this…the simplicity and the composition. Well done!


Love it!! Very creative!


My advice:
Don’t change anything, it’s perfect.


Nicely done. I bet a dentist’s office might like to have some.
(Hobby income to pay for more materials to work on. :grinning: )


Very nice! Colors do make you smile.


Same here…and many of the other comments I would like to echo! Excellent!


Amazing piece, so original!


I wish I was artistic like that. Such a simple design, but very effective. Outstanding job. :grinning:


Saw this one on IG and it made me smile. :wink:


Love it!


That is really great. It immediately makes you smile.