Comic Glowforge Cover

I had a lot of remnant fabric from my boat projects and so I decided to take my first attempt at making a cover for my glowforge with it. Note that I was just using scrap fabric and so I didn’t realize until after that it looks like a DC comic character.

So I got out my handy Sailrite Ultrafeed and hot knife and went at it:

I looked over the other dust covers I saw in the community but I was wanting one that I would not have to find a place for when I take it off. So I designed a segmented one that has a flap on the lid section so that the top stays attached…for the most part. Obviously I will want to be able to see through the glass lid whenever I print and so having a flap that just folds back and clears the lid worked perfect for me.

I then wanted a way to hold the cover in place a bit and so I used clips and screwed the straps into the underside of my $8 IKEA table top. I also put an additional clip on the wall so that I can clip the flap up if I choose.

I do plan to add onto this top with some IoT. I have a lot of conductive wire and sewables around that I think will add some nice effects.


Very cool!

One thing to beware of… make sure your cover isn’t blocking any air intake while you’re using the laser. From the best I can tell I don’t think yours will be a problem, since I think most air intake is along the bottom, and it looks like there’s enough of a gap there.

Nice work :smiley:


I LOVE the comical covers!


I love the look of your sewing machine and what it produces. You have many skills and a sense of humor. Good combo.


You have no idea the testing I did to verify that one…lol I think more often then not I look crazy but am really just curious.

Yes, the intake is avoided but I do think its important that anyone looking to make their own style design realize the key aspect of that one. :slight_smile:



I love the look of old school bombers and I felt like the Sailrite looked like an angler fish with the light. The vinyl on it is glow in the dark. It always makes me laugh:


Thanks! My remnant bucket is a ton of different color fabrics. I was still struggling to learn sailing and so I actually color coded everything for the stuff I made for our boat. Which meant there were tons of leftovers and my color code only has significance to me…at this point.

I might have fun making some comic type items out of these leftovers :slight_smile:


Seeing your Sailrite makes me want to decorate my wife’s longarm.

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What machine does she have?!?!?

I have wanted a longarm for a longgggg time now.


She has a Handi Quilter Avante 18 with a Pro Stitcher.


This is brilliant, I’m full of admiration, I would love to be able to sew. Someday I will give it a go!


Your sewing of a cover for your Glowforge, perhaps your Glowforge could return the favor :grin: If you look into yellowheart wood, it glows amazingly in UV light, there might be inspiration :slightly_smiling_face:


I will have to look into that one! I was wanting the Sailrite leatherwork (which is a longarm) but I wanted it because the slowing down of the machine is key. I did notice they just put out a new line of untrafeeds that have a servo that offers a more controllable speed and I want that but those are not longarm :frowning:

Shazaam! That is nice cover!


Love it!!


You should! I really enjoy all the math that goes into designing. Its nice to be able to vision something and then create it.


The colors are really beautiful, totally brightening up a room!

Btw. I assume you know of …

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That is totally awesome!

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I have not looked at that! I will check it out! I love the idea of sail design. I always wanted to study Aerospace because my favorite, and still favorite, principle is Bernoulli. The school I ended up going to did not have Aerospace and so I missed out on learning all the aspects that I am sure would feed into sail design.

I think its so cool how to design the placement of seams to best handle the likely force at the specific spot on the fabric.

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I agree with you about the vision, I’m not very mathematically minded but sure I could get my head around basic stuff at least to start.

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