Commemorative Dog Picture Frame

My very first project made on the Glowforge! I am pretty new to this community. I used the medium draftboard to make the frame and I used Inkscape to design the frame. Hope everyone likes it.


Sugar looks so sweet! (And I love the pawprints in the corners!) :grinning:


Well done 1st project. It just gets better.


Your frame (and Sugar) is adorable! I really like the name text being attached.


Those eyes! I’m bettin’ Sugar gets what Sugar wants :smiley:

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Great job, like the paws also…

Very nice first project! You are gonna have so much fun.

That is very nice…I also really like how you did the letters for Sugar’s name. I am tucking that idea away for future use… Thank you for sharing your project and the pic of your dog!

So cute. You have given me a great idea for all our 4x6 pics my daughter just tapes up.

Nicely done!

That looks great!

Cute. My first GF project was a commemorative dog frame too. Enjoy your forge and the community!