Communication please. 93362

@dan, my emails to GF support and zero response???

October 12th
Yes, Rachel. Lets please proceed with the warranty repair or replacement. Thank you for the answers to my questions. Appreciate your help.

October 16th
Just checking on request to proceed with the warranty repair/replacement.
Thank you!

Oct 19th
Hello GF team,
We’re now 7 days from requesting to proceed with warranty repair/replacement on Oct 12th.
Can I please get shipping and return details?
Thank you.

Oct 22
Checking in once again on shipping return information to proceed with warranty claim.
Thank you in advance.

3 day response time is out the window and I am out several hundred dollars of income after being down for 4 weeks. Can I please get a response?

I am terribly sorry you didn’t get a response from us sooner.

I put your request under immediate attention to get addressed tomorrow. You will hear from us very shortly with detailed instructions so you can proceed with a warranty repair/replacement.

I followed up directly to your email request, so I am going to close this thread.