Compact Filter Stopped Working

I have only had my Glowforge Plus and Compact Filter for a month and I am already having a problem with the Compact Filter. Everything has been working fine until yesterday. When my Glowforge is connected to the compact filter it now starts filling with smoke and leaks out of the lid. The Glowforge unit vents the smoke out great through a window but when connected to the compact filter it fills with smoke and leaks out profusely. I use the Glowforge to cut items out of maybe a half sheet to up to one to two sheets of proofgrade plywood per usage at most and I do ONLY use proofgrade plywood and hardwood. Mostly proofgrade Maple plywood. I use my Glowforge maybe 4-5 times a week. Yes, the switch is turned on in the settings to teal. Like I mentioned it has been working great until yesterday. IF the filter is full after only about a month of usage and only cutting proofgrade plywood then this is a huge problem with the compact filter. Has anyone else had this issue?

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It’s possible, but there are some additional steps that can prolong filter life.

Have you been running the filter for an equal amount of time after the cut? (Ex: 10 min cut, run filter an extra 10 min)

If you take off the top of the filter unit and look inside is the top of cartridge all gunked up? You might be able to get a little more life out of it by vacuuming up what you can see, then put the top back on and just run it without cutting anything for an hour or so.

Sadly the medium thickness PG plys have an MDF core.
My usage and materials are similar to yours, maybe just a bit less, and after running a few months I’m only up to 2 on the filter dial. But I’ve been running the extra time and added a carbon prefilter pad.


Yes I have been running the filter for an equal amount of time after the cut. The top of the cartridge has a coating of the dust on top of it but it’s hard to believe that it would be clogged already. We did vacuum the top of the cartridge but it didn’t look like it changed it much.
Would you share with me where you got the carbon prefilter pad you are referring to?
Thank you for your response!

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Thanks for your patience–I’ve just followed up to your email with us. Since we’re working on it there, I’m going to close this thread.