Completely in the Dark on GF Shipping

Unfortunately, like seemingly thousands of other GF customers, I never received shipping or tracking information on my GF order. The estimated delivery date has come and gone and I’ve heard nothing, barely managing to get a single email from a customer service rep saying they’re looking into it.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing is that I ordered some Proofgrade materials two days after my GF order and they just arrived. So now I’ve got material and nothing to cut it with; rather comical if you ask me.

It’s a bit concerning to have made such a huge purchase and to have no communication from the company. It seems odd for a company to have such a beautiful brand and company ethos, but for the customer service to be so absurdly non-existent. I suppose I’ve gotten used to the unparalleled customer service of companies like Sweetwater, responding to emails in less than 5 minutes and calling after every purchase to see how your new gear is working out.

Please Glowforge, stop ignoring the overwhelming suggestions of your customers to put more resources into your customer service. You’ve designed the most beautiful machine for makers and small businesses, who desperately rely on the loyalty and trust of their customers. Consider prioritizing the same.

I hate the idea of venting in an online forum, but frankly I’ve never had such a frustrating customer experience before, let alone on the single most expensive piece of equipment I’ve ever purchased.

Thank you for the forum and the ability to air my frustration; at least I know I’m not alone :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback! I’m so sorry your first experience with us has been so frustrating. I’ve sent you an email with an update on your order, but I’m concerned that our emails aren’t reaching you. If the email I sent hasn’t arrived, could you post again to let me know?

im having the same issue with no results, explanations, or even a tracking number.

You should open your own thread. Support can only work with one customer per ticket.