Computer Bag


Finally getting on here to post this. I’m pretty much loving my Glowforge! Designed in Adobe Illustrator and hand sewn. Made with Horween Dublin leather (my personal weakness:) It converts to a backpack!


Beautiful! Love that it’s convertible! :grinning:


That’s a really beautiful piece!


Very nice looking bag, well done!


Thanks! It was so fun to design and make! And yes, I love that it’s convertible too;)


Thank you!


Thank you!!


So gorgeous!! The bag is going to have such a beautiful patina in a few years :heart: Leather makes my heart all aflutter and I love the Essex line, especially the rustic stuff. Do you buy yours at Maverick?


Wow! That’s fantastic!


What a wonderful bag! I’d love to see the inside as well (not your personal stuff, just the bag).


where do you buy your leather? I’ve been looking for a supply shop but the only thing available to me is tandy


Tandy is good. They often have great sales on leftovers and even large sides. They can also make sure you’re getting veg tanned if you ask them.


I don’t know much about leather tanning. What is veg tan vs whatever else there is?


Get the heck outta here! That’s FANTASTIC!
When the day comes to sell our designs via Glowforge, you might want to consider selling that one!


It’s one of the processes used to tan leather. Brain tanning was probably the original method and is still used by self-tanners - an animal’s brain is said to have enough mass to tan its skin (it get mashed up and sloshed on in a slurry).

Chrome tanning uses chromium based chemicals and those will release harmful chemical fumes when lasered (in the machine - your exhaust will take care of them so you wouldn’t die if you did it). They are pretty corrosive to the electronics. But it’s a cheap, fast process and makes for a (sometimes) stiffer hide and longer wearing.

Veg tanning uses vegetable based tanning agents and is laser safe. It can result in softer leathers. It also tends to smell less when lasering too. Except that’s relative - you’re still burning skin :slightly_smiling_face:


Maverick leather is a good resource, but there’s always the dreaded shipping charge. Their sales can be good and if you follow them on Instagram, they share great instant deals. Gotta be quick to grab them though :slight_smile:


My new favorite. Very well done!


I agree! There’s something so unique about leather…can’t stay away!:slight_smile: Yes! I am a regular at Maverick - they know me well! I use the Essex leathers for tote bags a lot - they’re also fantastic. Horween is the best in my opinion. I’ll never go back to Tandy if I can help it :stuck_out_tongue:




I guess I’m spoiled with them here in town! Shipping is such a downer but even with shipping Maverick is much better than Tandy in my humble opinion. Their customer service and knowledge of leather, years of experience and personal relationships with the tanneries…can’t be beat!