Hi all! Eagerly awaiting delivery of my Glowforge in next few days ! Excitement and apprehension all in one! Just wondering what computer everyone finds better for the software? Been holding off in updating our computer and now seems perfect time to do it and get something that is really easy to use for the Glowforge - any advice greatly welcomed!

It doesn’t really matter what kind of computer you use. The UI for using the Glowforge is on the Glowforge website and is internet dependent, so brand of computer will have no bearing on that.


Thank you for reply that’s good to know!

And you can also use a tablet (iPad for example), although it can be a little less convenient unless you have a keyboard for it.

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The Glowforge UI is very basic… You will probably want to learn a Vector Graphic editor like Inkscape (FREE, BTW) which runs on just about any computer. Inkscape is the only one I am familiar with. There are many others. There are lots of “how-to” videos on YouTube for the various Vector programs.


What @Docsis says…get a vector program and learn to do some creating before it gets here!


Ditto what everyone said above. I use AutoCAD primarily when designing and thus need to use a PC, but I use my Mac Book Air for just about everything with the GF interface.


Although there are some handy design elements in the interface, it pales next to a proper design program. Inkscape is a popular choice, and “Logos by Nick” on YouTube is a great source of instruction videos.

This forum is populated with helpful, creative people. The search tool at the upper right of the page will give you access to years worth of experience with these machines. The community here is the best accessory for your new laser.
Welcome to the club, and enjoy your adventure!


Thank you everyone- downloaded Inkspace so going to have a play about with it!


Any time you put into it will pay off perpetually! With just a few fundamental concepts the learning curve flattens quickly. It’s a lot easier than it seems initially IMO.

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