Conductive material for no touch tools

Does anyone know of a laser cuttable conductive material we could cut no touch tools out of so it could be used on keypads?

I think you will need to provide more information on your intended application. There is conductive and then there are high conductive materials. Anti-static bags are conductive, but just enough to dissipate static. Copper is highly conductive. There are materials that fill the gamut between those two examples.

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Cut out of wood, then paint with conductive paint or wrap the item in aluminum foil?

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Sorry that I was descriptive enough. I talking about making the COVID keys or no touch tools. I’m cutting them now out of acrylic but they don’t work with most keypads

I’m hoping for something one step and durable so I could produce COVID keys in volume to give away like the ear savers

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I can’t speak to whether or not it is safe to laser-cut but, they make conductive fabrics, many with adhesive backings. I have cut circuits from that on a plotting cutter.

Search for Copper Shielding Foil Tape, and select one which can be applied to an edge of any design you come up with.
The link shown by Evermorian may have a link to a tape as well.

I wonder if you cut two layers and glue-sandwiched aluminum foil between them… then trim off the excess foil?

I wonder if laserfoil would work? It’s probably metallicized Mylar or polyester?

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Look for stained glass supplies, they have adhesive copper foil tapes in various widths for applying to the edge of glass pieces.

Thank you all for your suggestions but I don’t think these will be practical for mass produced tools that are durable.

I wonder if you could use copper nails encased some how in acrylic?

or maybe brass

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