Configuration & App issue

I’m pretty sure configuration went fine, but I can’t pull anything up in the app. I can’t find the troubleshooting page I had pulled up last night. Can someone point me to it? Thanks!

I’m using my phone hotspot, the only internet we have.

So the process would be to put the phone in hot spot mode, connect to the temporary wireless network the Glowforge broadcasts with another device/computer to give it the info for your phone hot spot, then connect your computer back to the phone hotspot. You should then be able to browse to on the computer.

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By the way: here is the troubleshooting page

And for WiFi

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Hmmm ok. I had it last night. Made it to selecting my WiFi & inputting the password, but that’s it. Now the app keeps stalling here in the picture. I’ll shut everything down & try again. Thanks!

After entering your wifi name and password you need to then go to to upload and process designs. Never used a hotspot so can’t test it here.


this guy made a great video that shows the entire process…


Yeah except I have never tried a hotspot. No cell service at home.

Hotspots have been known to work (when within tower range)-- I believe @marmak3261 has used them with success in various settings.


We had internet through a local provider, but it rarely worked. Our phone hotspots work much better, so we cancelled the other. I was able to get everything connected last night, but now it’s not. I’m wondering if my hotspot connection is cutting out before it connects. I’ve tried everything I can think of & troubleshooting, nothing is working. I guess I’ll email support. Thank you all.

You don’t gain anything by emailing support. Posting here has the same effect and creates a ticket. They just don’t respond very quickly at the moment.

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Ok thanks

Oh no! I’m so sorry you ran into trouble while setting up.

I’ve made a slight change to your Glowforge. Please navigate to Once there, your Glowforge should be connected and ready to print.

Please let me know how it goes.


Just like that! So awesome. Thank you!

I’m glad you’re up and printing. I’m going to close this thread. If you have any other questions, please post a new topic or email me at

Happy printing!

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