Confused about masking

Can someone give me a straight answer here. So much of the acrylic I get for laser cutting has a paper layer on both the front and the back. Am I supposed to remove this for health reasons? I have been cutting and engraving with it on there and am getting worried.

Paper masking won’t hurt you at all. ALL of the proofgrade that Glowforge sells is masked on both sides with paper.


There is no reason you have to remove the paper masking, but sometimes, like when you are engraving on acrylic, it is easier to remove it and use liquid dish soap to prevent the flashback and “soot” than it is to weed the masking after.


Paper masking protects the acrylic during shipping and prevents flashback and charring when cutting/engraving. Clear film masking protects the acrylic during shipping.

I remove all clear film masking prior to cutting or engraving. I prefer not to engrave through paper masking as the adhesive can leave a gummy residue in the engrave, but others leave it on for engraves. It is not harmful either way.


Thank you all
For responding to me! I appreciate it!

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I remove the paper before engraving with variable power as having paper with all the more delicate parts of the engraving on it is not the goal. Quite aside from any gummy mess or weeding issues.


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