I am new to glowforge and can’t seem to figure out how to get the dashboard on my windows.

Have you followed the startup guide? There should be a web address included with the machine.
Once that is complete, you go to in your web browser, though Chrome is the most stable at the moment, and sign in to your account. That will give you control over the Glowforge.

If this does not answer your question or you need additional assistance please reply here.


Welcome @ddrainaud! I’m sorry you hit a problem. You’re welcome to post here if you’d like to discuss with other owners. If you’d like help from Glowforge staff, please post in the Problems and Support topic, as that’s the one we watch closely and always answer. (some screenshots of where you’re stuck might help!)

Hi so I started off with my iPad and felt I would have better options with a laptop and here is where I’m confused ! Do I need to have Glowforge on and go to the set up page every time to get to dashboard?

Hi again Am I able to do as much on iPad as laptop windows if I want to design my own designs?

No, you only have to perform the setup correctly once. After that, the Glowforge is linked through your Wifi network.

To get to the Dashboard from any device and operate the machine, you have to go to , log in if you haven’t already signed in to the forum (click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen) and you will be able to access the Dashboard.

In order to run a job, you do have to turn on the machine.

There is a list of suggested reading here to get you started:

From a design standpoint, you can use whatever software you are comfortable with to create your artwork, as long as it can export the correct type of file so the Glowforge can read it. (That currently means either SVG, PDF, JPG or PNG files.)

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I came here without a clue, and the community here helped me get rolling. This forum is absolutely the best accessory for your new Glowforge, the second one is a set of calipers.
You stand on the cusp of a great adventure!
It may seem difficult right now, but you’ll get it in no time. :sunglasses:


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