Connected to Wifi once - Then never again

Just got my 3rd ever Glowforge unit today, it is a refurbished unit replacing another refurbished unit that only lasted 7 months after I had to buy it to replace my original unit that lasted years.

I got the new unit unpacked and set up, then set about connecting to the Wifi. This is the same Wifi that has successfully worked with two other units in the exact same location in the past.

Initial setup is normal, new GF boots up with the teal light and I successfully connect it to my Wifi, it shows as “online” in the app and takes an image of the bed. Moments later it goes “offline” mode. It has not reconnected to the wifi again no matter what combination of resetting the machine, my computer, my Wifi access point that I do. I’ve tried steps in their troubleshooting page for this issue, I have tried running through the setup.glowforge page again, holding the power button to make it teal on startup now, and get to the point where my computer is connected to the glowforge and I try to choose the network and input the password and it says it cannot connect. we tried to connect to a mobile hotspot to test the connection but it won’t connect to that either.

I’m at a big loss since their troubleshooting is providing no results, and confused because the glowforge did initially hook up fine. Am I missing something?

Ps this is the step where I’m getting hung up on now. As I mentioned in my post I did get through the initial setup and connecting to my wifi once for like a minute before it went offline and has not reconnected via normal resets or trying to run through setup again onto my Wifi or a mobile hot spot either.

Long shot… Are you sure that the correct GF is selected in the upper right of the user interface? Folks that have had multiple machines often don’t notice that an old unit was selected.


Yeah unfortunately not that simple oversight, did have the new machine selected and had a close eye on it’s status in the “select a printer” menu.

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