Connecting a refurbished glowforge

I am trying to connect my refurbished glowforge to my wifi I followed intructions and it say its connected but my glowforge it not homing or moving. What can I try to get it to recognize that it connected. teal light is on boots up just not homing.

After it says it is connected, do you return your computer to your home network and then open the Glowforge app? In the app do both of your Glowforges show in the upper right corner or only the first?

it says off line but only has one of them in the corner

Then I don’t think you successfully set the new one up. You have to go completely through the setup like you did when you got your first Glowforge. Hold the print button down until it turns teal (about 10 seconds) and then go through the set up process again. Maybe name the refurbished one something different than your first so you can be sure it has been set up.

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the teal button is on but it didn’t give me an option to name it anywhere do I need to resign up with a different name . when I click it automatically goes to my current account?

Did you go to

yes doing it again

This means it’s not connected.

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teal button is on it says it is connected on computer to the correct machine but it is not calibrating. but when I pull up my glowforge it only has old machine listed

The teal colored button is only for connecting the machine to your wifi. Once that is completed, the machine will restart and the button will go dark. Only at that point will the machine perform the power-on calibration process.

If the button is teal, you have not completed the wifi setup process.

ok when it says its connected then is stated to click on you wifi connection it does not give another instructions that I can see. What do I need to do from here.

When the process is complete it will say “Go to dashboard and start printing” - Dashboard is the main app/user interface. It’s also linked at the top of every page on these forums.

If you’re not seeing that, you might have to manually switch your computer back to your usual wifi network.

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That’s because your GF is not connected to WiFi. That’s the only meaning of the teal button. It doesn’t connect to your computer during normal use after the initial setup.
Follow the instructions in the video @eflyguy posted.

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thank you mine is on the process of please waiting and is on its way to centering.

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thank you

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Did you get up and running?

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Yes ty


Great! I love a happy ending!

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I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!