Connecting to Enterprise Wi-Fi (beta)

Thanks Rita. I’m anxious to get this to work since I’ve been dead in the water for months now. Unfortunately I’m not having any success with this beta thus far. When I try to connect to our network I’m not getting a prompt to enter a username, only a password. I don’t know exactly which authentication protocol our network uses, but I’ve queried our IT guys about it (it’s EAP-PEAP/MSCHAPv2). Any thoughts?

You’ll have to connect it to a non-Enterprise network once first (a cell phone hot spot works), so it can download the firmware update. Let it do its thing, it will reboot (you’ll see it calibrate all over again) and then you can re-do the wifi setup for the WPA Enterprise network.

I now have mine connected to a PEAP/MSCHAPv2 WPA2 network and it’s working great. (It looks just like the image posted above, except for a different network name and username, of course.)


how about cert based enrollment

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Got it working. Thank you. It took a while, and several restarts, before the firmware got updated. There was no obvious indication that it occurred and I could find no way to actually see the firmware version. Am I missing something?

The only indication is that after it boots up, it’ll reboot by itself a minute or two later.

There’s an open forge project thread around here where someone has figured out how to get info. I’ll let you search that one up.

Is there a way to manually update the firmware? My glowforge isn’t doing this automatically

I just checked – your Glowforge is up to date!


I am needing to check the firmware of our device. Where can this be done. When connecting the district network still not getting enterprise options.

You should start a new post under Problems and Support, to open your own ticket – they can only address one problem per support ticket. :slight_smile:

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Hi Rita,

Could you let me know if my firmware is up-to-date? I’m trying to connect to the enterprise network of my school, but it isn’t finding the network yet.



Has the unit ever been connected via other methods? Hotspot or non-enterprise? I have no idea what firmware level they leave the factory with but if you’re not seeing enterprise wifi options, then probably not at a high enough revision.
If it has been connected to a different network I assume you know to hold the button(for several seconds) after boot completion to relaunch the initial wifi setup utility. Then refollow the initial setup instructions and there should be the Enterprise options.
Hope one of those helps.

Thanks for your help, Wesley. I started a separate tread about this topic and have a received plenty of helpful info.

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How will I know if I need to update my glowforge? I dont have service inside my work building, so i cant use a personal hotspot…this is a huge issue that i need to fix asap

You should probably start a new thread in Problems and Support, in order to open your own support ticket.

Hi @cooperl,

I’ve checked the logs, and verified you’re on the most current firmware.

It looks like your Glowforge is connected and you’ve been able to print since contacting us. That’s great!

Could you please let me know if you’re still experiencing any problems?

I came in and it ended up working,. Why though, its so hit or miss

How do we check to see if our GF has the beta update? My IT Department is pretty strict on allowing a device with an open network to connect to our School Network? If I connect with an enterprise network will that eliminate the GF from being accessible to others?

Hi, we finally got it connected. I thought it might be useful info as you expand into the education sector. I had connected it to my personal WiFi hotspot. I had to use it to get the MAC address of the printer. The IT guy was able to add the device’s MAC address to the network which allowed it to successfully connect.