Considering a 3D printer


My daughter and son in law got this one and are pretty happy with it… Anyone else have this one?? I didnt see any references in a search…


3D printing, cell phone powered? This guy got one.


Thats a good starter printer and a good price. If you don’t have to have the 200mm bed size you might want to look at the Select Mini. It’s a little smaller, but its a solid little printer for about the same price.


Did a search for that but I guess it couldn’t find it…:frowning:


We are talking about venturing into 3D printing. I would love recommendations.


I have a Lulzbot Taz 5 that I found used off of craigslist. It came with a bunch of filament. I ordered a dual extruder head for the thing, but haven’t made the time to install it. I like my printer because it has a heated base, and a large build volume. The machine works great, and can even print from a SD card. For the price I paid for it, I am sure you could find something cheaper now…


I have a couple of prinrtrbots. After various adventures the Metal Plus is a workhorse. But not what you would call cheap. The Prusa design is nice, but a touch finicky. Think about what you might do, because if you can get away with smaller size, PLA only you can get a better machine at the price.


MakerGear M2 Rev.E for beginners:

Not cheap! Super easy to use.


Only for hobby type stuff…not production. Mainly for my 13 year old to practice on. We will build it together…since I home school, it will be a good project. :grinning:


I’ve been looking at that one too.


My daughter made this on it…thank you @karaelena for the link to the print file


I bought a Taz 6, and I have been very pleased with it. It’s not without a little tinkering, but it does a reliable job and prints very nicely. I probably should have gone with something less expensive, but I wanted to minimize the hassle and print bigly. :blush:


One thing to be very careful with for all 3D printer kits, especially the clones, is to never leave them unattended and to always put a smoke detector in close proximity. While the makers of the clone units do well to keep the price down, that comes at a cost and all too often that cost comes out in less than optimal electronic components. When you get into the higher price ranges the printers are often protected against electronic failure, but even the best printers can have problems and you don’t want to have something at 250 degrees C have a problem without being around it stop it.


My daughter mentioned that the Prusa states it can different filaments but noticed that it heated up too much unless you upgrade the mainboard. They can only safely use the abs. I’m wondering if they got the older model since the website states all new updated board…

edit she told me backwards…they can use the PLA easily but it heats up too much for the ABS which I now understand needs higher temps.


That seems odd, since ABS needs more heat at the hot end and on the bed than most other filaments. (Although maybe they just run flat out, and switching on and off to modulate temp would be the problem.) PLA doesn’t even necessarily require a heated bed.


What an awesome family!!!


And as @Jules recommended, try PLA Pro

Also I’ve read that for better results ABS must be printed in an enclosed area.


I actually thought about making a plexiglass enclosure around the printer if I keep it at the house as opposed to the office. I’ve got one cat, that I have no doubt, would mess with it…lol


Interestingly, our cats don’t seem to be the least bit interested in the printer when it is running. Don’t seem to pay attention to it at all.


My other two wouldn’t care but Mr. Waffle is a brat…he’s the one constantly in the xmas tree and does parkour around the house like the floor is lava. and will knock over any cup with water or other liquids… :scream::cat: