Consistent Alignment Issues

Hello All! I have had a GF pro for 2 and half years, my current machine is about a year and a half old after the first one got replaced under warranty. I own a small business using the laser cutter daily and for the most part it has worked perfectly. This past week I have had endless problems that I am seeing if anyone can help with.

Alignment is extremely inconsistent, it will do a perfect cut and then jump to being 1-2" off the placement on the screen. Each time that happens I shut the machine off, check/clean all the windows/lenses and turn it back on. After about 2-5 cuts the cycle repeats occasionally not cutting through on the sides/corners.

I have read just about every topic about alignment issues on here so after a day or two I emptied the crumb tray and cleaned the entire machine, checking to make sure nothing was in the little divots under the tray, checked tension on all the belts and even replaced the silver and black windows as well as the mirror on the laser head. We have run the calibration test twice and done the gift of good measure cut that they recommend which has always been perfect I think partially because I have done it right after turning it back on.

I have reached out to GF via email and am waiting for a reply, but I would greatly appreciate any help with this. It happened to me 8 times today and the only reason I keep trying is because I have over 100 orders that I have to get out asap so I am in quite the tough spot.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Random errors are the worst, and it is unlikely any of us can guess what is changing that makes this happen. What material are you using when this happens? Is there any chance that the printhead gets nudged when you change material? Do you use the set focus tool whenever your material or file changes? Can you share a photo of what an errant cut looks like the next time it happens

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