Contact help!

I’ve been trying to get in touch with a “live” person for days now. No one answers the phone or responds to messages or emails.

I was over billed and also charged for 2 pro machines on my order … and now have around $9000 of over charge on my credit card that is putting me over my limit!!

I need to get in touch with someone now for days but seems impossible!! I’m getting hit with overdraft fees now since no one is around to fix the issue! Thx Glowforge…

Does anyone have any other way to get a hold of these people???

This seems to be a good way. By posting here you’ve opened a support ticket. I don’t know if they respond on weekends, though.

Dispute the 2nd charge with your Credit Card company. They should have a process for this, happens all the time. ALSO make GF aware you only want 1 machine and not the 2 you ordered in your drunken euphoria you succumbed to while thinking about all the things you’ll soon be “lasering” :smile:


Yeah I’m not sure another ticket will do anything… unfortunately there was a ticket generated when I sent the message back on Wednesday. They’ve had a ticket for days… I was supposed to be only charged $5500 for the pro unit as I used the friends family link a buddy of mine sent me. They charged me full price for 2 machines ($14000). Unfortunately the total is wrong too. So no way to dispute the charge with my card company. It just is beyond aggravating that you can’t reach them and seeing no urgency on their part to fix this… as I’m now getting overdraft charges on my credit card because they crashed my limit with overcharging me by $9000!!! Really regretting this decision to buy this machine!

I could be wrong, but it seems you could dispute at least the cost of one of the units, even if it’s not quite correct…then take it from there when support contacts you? At least it would lower the amount of debt showing as it is now and hopefully stop the overcharge fees.

If you dispute the amount of the sale you may get the over-limit fees back. If you do not dispute them, and GF just issues a credit for the difference, you may Not get the over-limit fees back.


Can someone from the staff please answer my questions or give me assistance? I see you replying here and answering other questions but somehow I’m still stuck with a $14,000 hold on my credit card!

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m so sorry for the late reply.

We’ve initiated a refund for the second unit as well as your referral discount - we are also investigating how this happened. We’ve provided more specific information in a reply to your email as well.