Continual Cooling Down Message After "Calculating Precision Movement" Phase

Got a cooling down message right in the middle of a run (small job). I let it cool own for an hour, started the run again and after “calculating precision movement” the light glowed white, I pushed it, the countdown clock started, but I got the cooling down message again…Tried this several times with the same result. I cleaned the exhaust fan thoroughly, rebooted my computer and router (with the GF off), started everything up again and still got the cooling down message…HELP!

Check the connection of the ribbon cable to the print head at both ends.

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What’s the ambient air temperature by the machine?

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I am also getting some Pop ups also on the cooling but they dont last long Temps is 76 F

76 degrees. Machine has been off for 15. Just unlatched the ribbon cable and snapped it back in. Tried to do a run and am getting the same message…

Which machine do you have?

The temperature limit is 75º for the Basic and Plus, and it will heat up pretty quickly in use, so your room temperature needs to be substantially lower.

I have the Plus. I always have a small fan blowing from the back (right side) to keep the air intake in front cool and clear.

Turned the AC on for 2 hours and the room is down to 74 degrees. Still getting the cooling down message…

Printer head moves into position but won’t move. Don’t see any liquid moving in the glass tube…

Looks like there’s NO LIQUID in the glass laser tube!!

You won’t see the liquid if everything is working correctly…there should be no air bubbles in the tube. (It looks empty except when you turn it on for the first time.)

The Plus does not have cooling assistance and your machine will heat up a few degrees as it runs, so you might need to get the air temperature around the machine down to about 72°(or less) for a few hours before the liquid in the reservoir will cool off enough. The heat transfer through plastic is very slow.

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Bought this unit brand new 8 months ago. Never had any temperature problems until now. Room temp is really no different than any time before. Just like most of us having issues, I have a few paid jobs to fill… Overnight temp is supposed to be in the 60s. Think I’ll leave a window slightly opened overnight (unless the outside air is bad for the machine)…

Humidity isn’t good for it. (But if that will cool it off a bit it might help get it back running again quicker.)

Or it might be some other problem, but the temperature issue is one that you can check while you wait to hear from support.

Do you use the filer or do you have it vented to a window? (I ask because a full filter can cause things to heat up as well.) Also check to make sure there is nothing blocking the intake which is located on the front right corner because restricted airflow can be problematic too. Obviously you need to make sure it’s secure, but putting the GF up on a little riser can also help by increasing airflow.

I have it vented through a window. What do you use as a riser that’s large enough for the unit to rest on?

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve been experiencing. I see that you’ve reached out to us directly via email, and I’ve provided some next best steps in response to the email. I’ll now close this thread, and continue following up there.