Continually Getting PRINT STOPPED

This problem just started this evening. I turned on my machine and click on the design I want to cut (one I’ve used numerous times) I notice my settings have changed to 1/100, I change them back to my normal 130 speed full power. I hit print, it goes through the motions and says preparing as usual. I will continue to say that for several minutes (much longer than normal) than says PRINT STOPPED. Then I get a message saying there was an error and I need to refresh my browser. It does this on both of my lasers. I have tried rebooting my computer, shutting down the machines and turning them back on, and rebooting my router - several times. I also tried connecting one of the glowforges to the hotspot on my phone and running the program from my ipad - same results. Can anyone tell me what the problem is. In one of the facegroups I’m in several people are having the exact same issues.

Have you tried again recently?

There was an outage earlier this evening.

Print service impairment 2/3/2020

Resolved - From approximately 3:45pm PST - 4:52pm PST on 2/3/2020, customers may have experienced trouble with print generation in the Glowforge app. The issue has now been resolved.
Feb 3, 17:13 PST

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Yes, I’ve been trying for the last 2 hours.

Notice it says 21 hours and 33minutes at 130 speed and full power

Nothing else I can think of then, sorry. Obviously not a machine or “computer” issue.

I’ve also lost some custom settings this evening, but only engrave, not cut or score. Other reports of setting issues as well.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait 3 days for support to check in.

At least this is farther than I was getting. I had been just getting print stopped. I’m still getting that on my other glowforge.

So now one is working and the other is still having the same issue. Please help me out here Glowforge!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.