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No. I literally moved the design over in the GUI and hit print again and it was fine. No changes.

Per the staff response, it’s something they are seeing also (and have seen before) and are looking into. They have been looking into this for a while now.

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It’s all designed in inkscape. As mentioned above, this is a glowforge error, nothing to do with my design.

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Here was my post about random engraved lines and it ended up being overlapping/touching nodes that were the issue, not open paths. The crazy thing was not every overlapping set of node caused a separate random line; if I removed the set of overlapping nodes causing the issue, the line just jumped to another set of overlapping nodes. The same file may or may not produce the error when processed either and I never figured out the pattern when it would work correctly. The whole thing really ticked me off so I literally spent hours checking every single flippin node in my complex plaid file and I ran dozens of processing tests. In the end I was able to fix and recreate the issue at will.

But if it were geometry, it would be consistent. The fact that I moved the tag 2 inches to the right and it printed fine says it’s the glowforge. Not my geometry.

If it continues to be a problem, rasterize the vectors. It never occurs on rasterized engraves. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s what I meant by “sometimes that means it looks perfect, and other times you get the random line”

the link below to [ Random lines FIGURED OUT! (but not a fix) is exactly what I was talking about - the :glowforge: is misinterpreting something as being open - and now you know what to look for!

Good luck!

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What @deirdrebeth said. (Not saying your file is “bad”, we’re saying the GF could be interpreting stacked nodes in your file incorrectly. )

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