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Not necessarily - a stopped one certainly, but other brokeness can render them perpetually wrong :grin:


Also one that runs 5 minutes slowly per day will be correct once every 288 days.

Ahh the internet. Never met a hair we can’t split :slight_smile:


[Let the ridiculousness ensue…]

And then you have to consider, “how close is close enough?” If a clock is 2 minutes off, is that close enough to say it is right?

And how often do you check the clock to see if it is close enough to on time to consider it to be correct?

(How many ways do you want to split that hair?!?)

I have been reading a philosophical book recently and I think it can melt your brain…


Also how quickly is it going relative to the person that measured it? Einstein would have a thing or two to say about clock accuracy.

And in fact GPS satellite clocks are altered to run at a different speed to counteract relativity. If we didn’t correct for it in their clocks GPS would cease to be accurate almost immediately.

Splitting the hair at the atomic level :slight_smile:


And which clock do you consider to be authoritative? I am almost certain that the variety of clocks & watches in your house are not all displaying the same time. Even cell phones which you would think are definitive are often different if you’ve got different providers (Verizon & ATT often disagree). You’d think that they’d all be getting some atomic clock time signal and all be the same but latency in sending time syncs add up to be visible across millions of devices.

It’s like most things - what’s the acceptable precision you really need? There’s a discussion on one of my CNC router forums about whether 0.001" accuracy is good enough for a consumer oriented router. We’re dealing with wood. It shrinks & swells more than that just hanging out in the shop. :yum: Unless you’re trying to do a space capsule re-entry burn + - a few seconds or minutes probably would make zero impact on your life (unless you’re on the wrong side of the bathroom door :grin:).


If you have 1 watch you know exactly what time it is. If you wear 2 watches your never sure.

That was old days though when we didn’t get the time from cell towers automatically and had to set the time manually.

Extra points if you called the number for the atomic clock to get the time just right!


Extra extra points if you’re from Canada and listen to the daily broadcast where they would have the chime on television.

Extra extra extra points and you lived in New London, New Hampshire during the 80s, and they would run the sirens at the firehouse every day at noon so you knew what time it was. :slight_smile:


When I was a kid in Kabul in the 70s there was Kabul Radio who announced the time, and the bells ringing for prayers which told you the time.
Once my folks actually asked and the Mosque said they set the bells based on Kabul Radio - and Kabul Radio set the time based on the noon bells!



The speed of sound and human reaction times mean that the time should have marched backward slightly every day :slight_smile:

That’s cool.


They have to adjust the GPS signals as there is a significant difference in the speed of time. Of course, if the emperor declares that sunup to sundown is 12 hours every day you can get some really amazing Japanese antique clocks that the weight of the pendulum moves up and down according to the latitude and time of year.

Then again time moves at different speeds between your head and feet, and I can feel it. My head thinks I am 20 and my feet think I am 80.




I think the real question is how long before a conversation here completely derails from the original topic? :rofl:


I think that happened yesterday…


Or about 20 replies in LOL


For years I thought “minding your ps and ques” was about making sure where the ques were.


When I lived in Doha, we lived next to a minaret, and the 4 am wake up call was occasionally done by children. It was loud. Overall though that echo across the land was pretty amazing.


I am glad to hear things got faster, that is at least good news.

Okay, I’m going to be the party crasher and go back to at least partially “on topic”. I purchased my Glowforge Plus in July, 2020. Did a few things on it, then moved it to a different (re: unused) room in the back of the house and haven’t touched it since. Yep, you read that correctly, it’s been just sitting like a lump on it’s table (it’s is exhausted to the great outdoors). 2021 - Dad passed; Mom had to go into assisted living, things got crazy at work (yes, I was “essential personnel”). 2022 - work stayed crazy (read “no help, busy environment”), Mom had to be moved to a more affordable assisted living, my back got 1000% worse, could only work at my day job and then go home. 2023 - lower back surgery; 2024 - cervical surgery (still in a neck brace). However, I’m almost back to 100% )or as close as I’m ever going to get) & starting a small (micro) business. I have to retire soon at what is considered to be a young age because of the spine issues and I need to get my Glowforge fired up. I’ll still be working for 2 more years as I complete DROP, but I need to get my business going.

That being said, I can’t remember ANYTHING about using my Glowforge. I also have zero design experience (I run a Facilities office, don’t design anything) & my business will be scale miniatures. 1:12, 1:24, & 1:48. Not only do I have to figure out how to get the designs out of my head onto paper, I then have to get then into a program (I have the Affinity software suite), & get them scaled correctly. I’m going to need TONS of help. I’d love to find someone that can help me with designing the SVGs, at least in the beginning while I’m trying to get things going and still working. No, this isn’t going to make me rich, wealthy, etc., but it brings joy to all ages (mainly geared to adults & teenagers).

HELP - me get this thing working again
HELP - direct me to someone that can help with design (please be aware, I’m doing this on a very thin shoestring since my medical bills are outrageous - 7 spine surgeries will kill your bottom line)
HELP - encouragement and prayers are ALWAYS welcome. Karma too!

Mods, if this needs to be moved somewhere else, please do. I might as well be considered a newbie, even though I’ve been a member for almost 4 years.

Thanks & Hugs!


Welcome back. Sorry to read about all your problems and challenges. I’ve had a somewhat similar time myself, but only for the past year…so not nearly as dire as you.

I use Affinity Designer and have used it and am self-taught since I got my Glowforge over 7 years ago. I am also self-taught (but with the help from many fabulous friends here in the forum) in learning to use a laser.

I’ll be more that happy to try to help you, but I’m unclear about where to start. Perhaps with your assistance, I can figure out where we should start.


Just start learning your Affinity software. You can design to scale there.

If you get a little more ambitious you can look at some of the free CAD software that is out there.

Just remember that the best software is the software you know how to use, especially if you own it already.

If you have Ms Office you can even design in PowerPoint.

For the GF keep your optics clean, always use Set Focus before hitting print to make sure your graphics are in the right place, and have fun learning.


Thank you! I’ve had to shut things down for the day, probably the weekend since it’s Memorial Day on Monday, but I’ll get back with you next week. I kind of overdid it trying to get my old Mac cleaned up to just use with the Glowforge & I’ve aggravated my healing neck (easy to do, it’s only been 4 weeks since a quadruple fusion). My old Mac is good for the internet, but not much else. I have a newer one that’s faster which I will do all the work on.

First off is figuring how to get some 1:12 scale picture frames I want to cut designed in Affinity. I want to put the little “arms” on them to keep them from just falling into the crumb tray when I lift off the wood; they need to stay attached to the master/mother board. Also, the smaller ones need to go into the center of the larger ones, so I use each and every bit of wood I can to minimize waste. I have the designs on a piece paper and their sizes that someone drew up for me, but that’s it. The second thing I want to do is create some 1:12 & smaller doilies to cut out of paper. I actually own some designs (I have a Creative Fabrica sub), but before I had to stop with trying, all I did was burn the crap out of things. They too need to stay on the master/mother board. I know it can be done, because I’ve been paying 3 different people for miniature doilies for several years and they all cut them on a laser. No, I’m not using their designs; I don’t steal other people’s work. These are designs I own & have paid for.

Okay, got to stop, my neck is hurting again and I need to think about supper.

Hugs & Thank you!