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I think that space is bigger than before as they improved the slowdown and turn. Also, I have experimented a bit, and even 2500, full,1355 does a decent job on acrylic, At 4000 it might even put a nice variable color on 6x6 paper. (I haven’t tried) However, any variable power needs to be with the masking removed, lest much of the design stay on the masking.

The Glowforge head does a lot more work than most lasers and thus greater mass makes speeding up and slowing down harder. Also, 1355 LPI does make a clear unlined surface even in Acrylic.


Ludicrous speed 4k/full/dots/90lines(metric) on birch ply with maskingtape

Speedy 1k/Full/vary/90lines (metric)on birch ply with maskingtape

and with the tape removed and cleaned

it’s an increase in speed for sure.

hmmm 90 x 2.54 =228.6 while 1355/2.54 = 533.4.
So 4000 speed at 270LPI would not make it through the masking. 1000 speed, full power, 270LPI, and raster image should leave a decent image if there was no masking (it is pretty close to SD setting, but lighter).

Also, not all engraving is darker. This (I think ) is Baltic Birch and you can see that the cuts are very dark but the engraving is not and would be worse if it was…

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I have no idea what your math is supposed to represent. Can you elaborate?

90 lines per centimeter vs 228 lines per inch
1355LPI would be 533 lines per centimeter

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