Continuous Air Assist Fan Error

I’m unable to use my glowforge as I’m continuously receiving an Air Assist Fan Error. I have followed the steps provided by glowforge. I have cleaned everything but still receive the error message.

I set up my project, hit the start button, and it sounds like it’s going to start but then I get an orange light and the error message.

I do not use magnets and never have.

Any other thoughts/suggestions?

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Have you checked that the pins on the head that make contact to the gold pads on the plate move and are not stuck in place? They are spring loaded and have seen at least one post where one or all have become stuck and are not making proper contact.

I double checked but none are stuck and it’s all clean but cleaned again anyways and unfortunately still received same error.

Have support staff requested you to take a pic where the white ribbon cable meets the circuit board on the left side of the machine behind the rail? Not saying to do it just wondering if they did.

No - not yet anyways.

Have seen in previous posts where that connector is not seated correctly and causes issues. you can take a picture of the area but don’t fiddle with anything there without talking to support. I would show a pic of mine to show the area but there is quite a bit of debris built up over time on my board hehe.

In this pic of a cleaner machine i found this is the area im talking about. if you take a picture of that board it might help diagnose the issue. If you take a pic make it so you can see the whole board.

a pic like that.


Hello @chelssherwood85 - I’m sorry to hear about your trouble. I saw you’d also emailed us about this issue and I’ve since sent along some further troubleshooting steps. I’d like to grab some photos of the printer head.

Please check your email and get back to me! I’ll go ahead and close this topic so we can finish up via the email thread.