Controlled cut depth?

Since you have the ability to measure where the surface of the material is - is it possible to cut ‘partially’ in to a piece of material. For instance - I have 1/2" MDF, I want to remove 1/4" - can the GF do that for you? Or do we have to manually play around with laser power and ‘kind of’ get to the depth required? This would give the ability to have a true 3rd dimension and allow for curved surfaces.

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Curious about this too. It seems like some of the pictures/videos suggest controlled engrave depth can be applied to wood. How about to plastic?

Just scroll halfway down the main page:

That page certainly suggests engraving - but doesn’t address fine grain control of depth across plastic.

No. But I was replying to OP.

I saw on the interview that a future feature will be variable z-axis cutting, effectively being close to Relief cutting. I asked about this over email and it sounds like the depth would be up to 256 layers.

But what I’m wondering is if it’ll be possible to set how deep the engraving is?

Ah, that’s just what I was looking for!

For materials with uniform density, like acrylic, that come from us, you can do this really easily - just set the depth and we figure out the right power/speed/number of passes.

For materials with uniform density that don’t come from us, you can experiment to get it right.

For materials with nonuniform density, like natural wood with grain - we’re still working on that. : )


That’s really awesome. Total game changer (but you guys already know taht ;-)). Do I understand correctly that you will be opening a materials store? Next question, of course - when will that open and what will be available

Yes - we haven’t determined materials and availability yet, but we will let everyone know here!

What about multiple depth passes? Say you are making a coaster and want to cut a deep ring (not all the way through) on the outside and leave a smaller depth in the middle. Would this be possible in the same “session” or would you have to make multiple engraving passes?

Not only can you do multiple passes, but you can change focus on each pass, which gives you more detail and gets rid of charring.


I do a lot of leather work using veg tan… will you have program settings for it based on ounce- like if I was working with 3 to 4 leather and then working with 8 to 9 ounce.

This is good. I am very interested in this in regard to making tenons with shoulders on them and mini mortises to receive them. Designing a mission style tea light with this in mind. Will post a model I’m finished.