Convert hand drawn line into sharp single cut line?

I’ve scoured the community, but it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack… so I do apologize if this has been asked and answered:

I have a set of wavy lines that I drew in black ink. I need them cut into chipboard. the problem is that when I convert it to SVG (using Inkscape), the thickness of my wavy lines still forces the GF
to make 2 passes instead of a single pass for the cut. Is there a way to convert my wavy lines to strict single-pass lines for cutting purposes? Thank you in advance.


You’re looking for a “centerline trace”, and how you do it will depend on what software you’re using. Let us know what you use and we can give advice maybe. Also, if you want to take it in your own hands, you can search the forum for centerline trace and you’ll probably find your answer.


Thank you! Will search for that term.



Amazing. It’s all in the word search… that has found me a How-To for what I need. Thank you VERY much for fast response. Here’s the post I’m referencing:


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