Convert to dots


Just had a question in regards to the Convert to dots option I have seen on some of the posts.
I have the Basic Glowforge model but have not really had to opportunity to use it until recently.

Right now I am trying to engrave some PG acrylic but was trying different settings. One of the settings I was looking into was the Convert to Dots but cannot find it under the GFUI. Is that option only on Pro models?


No, you have that option in the Manual settings. It’s also called Photo Engrave.

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Hey Jules,

Thanks for the fast reply but apparently I need some more guidance if possible. Right now I am logged into the GFUI with the printer offline. If I choose something like the Glowforge ruler to test out and regardless whether I choose PG material or not and then choose the MANUAL setting under the ENGRAVE tab I still do not see the Convert to Dots or photo engrave option. Not sure if I need the printer on in order to see this option.
Thanks again for the reply.

Thanks @Jules! I so appreciate you. :slight_smile:

@dg_86, you can see some detailed instructions here

If you have more questions, just create another post.