Cooking Utensils

So, I would like to engrave some bamboo cooking utensils. Obviously not a flat surface. Can I do this?? Thank you!

If the curve is not extreme, yes. The glowforge will always think that it is engraving a flat surface but I’ve had great luck with slight round over.


Wonderful! Thanks! Do I need to use the masking tape over every surface or just certain ones? I’m sorry to ask another question! Lol! I just have so many of them being a newbie!

Any surface that you don’t mask will leave out gassing marks. For making utility items from plywood I don’t bother but for something like wood utensils I’d definitely mask.

Awesome! Thanks!

Here is one of several topics that discuss engraving wooden spoons or utensils.

Best results are a jig. Might have to remove tray if it is a thicker object. So that is an added step to work out. But they work fine.


Woohoo! Thanks so much!! :laughing: