Cool stuff that i made on GF. It is a super machine! AND HI IS BROKE! AND SUPPORT IS ...!

Hi friends
It’s been a long time since my last post, where I asked to show you how to work with Glowforge.
I learned a lot, experimented and produced all sorts of things.
And today I’m happy to share with you my ups and downs.

I paid for the GF during the pre-order campaign and waited like everyone, for several years.
During this time I have returned to Ukraine (eastern Europe). I hoped I would take my GF after a trip to the US, but the wait was a bit longer (((
So I was waiting
And waiting
And waiting
And I received my letter of happiness !!!
But I was not in the US!, so the GF came to my friends. And they sent it by the DHL to Ukraine.
Now you realized how much I wanted to get this miracle)))

Work began on arranging a place for the GF
The most important thing (in my opinion) is to set GF correctly.

If you do that, then you will not have any problems to close the lid.

I also want to warn many people about the problem that may arise

This problem occurs if your material is too wide and it would interfere with laser carriage rides. If on the one hand there is an obstacle, and on the other is not, then the carriage will continue to move and all will brake!
Thank you to the GF team for the fact that they have designed the bottom mount well and this problem is easy to fix.

Working with the work field is quite complicated. You need to focus on the image from the camera (Since the image is with some distortion of space, you can not correctly set the print area.

The exit that I found rather simple - drew a workspace in Illustrator and very often it was used to center the new project.
What I also did, it clearly marked the boundaries of the “working area”, by marking the corresponding lines on the cardboard.

It turned out to be very useful

During my time with GF, I made a lot of projects, and some of them I’ll show you.
Various emblems, 550x500 mm in size
Vinyl Clock

What I am especially proud of is a puzzle box.

All connections I have developed by myself. GF in this project is a very cool machine)
Also, I was very fascinated by a lamp made of cardboard, which was in the video on the GF.

This is my first model and he turned out not quite as I wanted to see him, but he is still cool! (Although I will convert it to normal because the customer waits)
For paper products, I make special molds and all the following products I already make according to the typewrites, so i not to use GF every time.
After making a planet-lamp, I will make a bad for the cats
And I’ll make a puzzle bad for pets.

How to do it, I know. My cats are asking me because the present crib is very small

Yesterday it was a little sad because I did nothing new for a week (
So I quickly designed a gift for miself!
It turned out cool !!!

GF is a very cool machine, but it needs a lot of work skills. On it you can do a lot of cool things !!!
I am very glad that I did not take money and all the time I waited for my GF.

P.S. GF team, can I put my projects in the GF store so that everyone can buy them and do it all by themselves??? The project will include a video
Thank you all)))


So many wonderful projects, glad you’re enjoying your Glowforge.

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Great projects! Did you actually cut the vinyl record? I thought this was hazardous for you and the machine?

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Thank you)

Yes) I really cut it)
It is some difficults but you can handl it.
The most difficult was that record is moving during the cut (that all because different temperature in different part of rec ). So you have to stick it properly.
And also the cutting settings is importent! I have damaged some records before I learned how to make it properly

Your projects are wonderful! I’m especially liking the cat ones. :cat:

I would caution you about cutting vinyl records in the Glowforge though. Even though it CAN be done, it should NOT be done due to the material. If they are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the byproduct of the cutting is HCl which is highly corrosive to your machine. Not great for your lungs either.


Thanks for advice)
You right - it stinks a lot(((

Oh those are really beautiful projects! My favorite is the puzzle box - that is really sharp! I’m so glad you got your glowforge! :slightly_smiling_face:

(And I’m going to second what @cynd11 said - no PVC or vinyl in the laser. It can ruin it very quickly.)


You right) better to cut wood or paper)

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Very good job.



Great work! Your cats are very lucky


They are happy)))

Great work and the tips will help those who come after you!


Thank you)

I loved reading your story and seeing so many really cool things that you’ve made. I’m glad too, that you waited for your Glowforge.


I was looking at cutting Sintra and/or coroplast, any known issues with them?

Sintra is expanded pvc,leave it alone. Coreplast is polypropylene and should be safe but everyone reports having a hard time getting a clean cut.


Thank you)

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You are right. If you want to have a clean cut, you have to make cutting with hi speed and low power