Coolant arrived half full no laser

My Glowforge Pro arrived and I saw the clear liquid (coolant) in the tube but it is only half full. From reading here it looks like coolant should be completely full to the point it is hard to see. Also the first time I tried to run it the head moved but no laser or light was ever seen. From other forms posts it sounds like without enough coolant in the tube it would likely burn out anyway. I see no liquid or wetness anywhere. The coolant reservoir on the left side was making a loud noise, likely trying to pump from an empty reservoir. Got a dud?? The video is of me bumping the table so you can see liquid level in tube.

Support no longers monitors the forum. You will need to email Glowforge support.


Welcome to the community! coolant is one of the few things glowforge will NOT supply even if it was a leak from a bad design…Although if you are familiar with laser systems, it is not hard to replace. But I recommend working directly with glowforge because you received a broken machine.

You can email glowforge directly and they will likely offer a refurbished replacement. I do know there is actual rules around that and you have some rights to refuse a refurbished replacement if you never received a working one? Idk, I personally dont mind refurbished but I certainly respect peoples opinion if they expected a new one and it was not useable…

I wish you the best! Honestly :slight_smile:


Personally, I would NOT accept a refurbished one to replace a BRAND NEW ONE. They need to ship you a BRAND NEW one to replace the BAD BRAND NEW one. And they should cover the cost of shipping the bad one back. I don’t think this is an unreasonable request, and I wouldn’t settle for anything less.
Hope you get it taken care of.


They’ve always covered the cost of shipping on warranty stuff, at least for the US-orders.


Yes, but they have been firing refurbished (which I don’t mind but absolutely respect and understand if someone bought a brand new machine).

I know there are rules around not being forced with reburbishes. Most people don’t know them, myself included :relaxed:

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It is normal for there to be bubbles in the tube when the Glowforge first arrives. If it has leaked out there should have left a lot of leakage liquid about, if not then as soon as the pump starts the bubbles will dissapear.


Also!!! Think on the bright side….you could get familiar with just the basics of maintenance with your broken machine before sending it back. No better time to practice removing the carriage plate then on a broken machine :grin:



Yeah, I emailed them yesterday. I had no response so I posted so I could get more info.

Half the tube is filled with air. So it is not a bubbles issue it is a lack of coolant period.

Thanks everyone for chiming in.

All the machines have air in the tubes when they arrive. Once the unit is turned on the pump circulates the coolant and purges the air from the system., Just let it do its job. It may take a few minutes but the laser isn’t firing so it won’t overheat or burn it out. The pump will sound unusual as it is taking slugs of liquid and gulps of air but should settle down once the purge is complete.

Yeah, when I initially turned it on I saw some bubbles and let it do it’s thing. I have had it on for over 30 minutes and the level is the same.


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