Coolant reservoir

Today i turned on my GF and notice that the water pump was louder and the laser wasn’t working but the head was moving like it was. no error signs. i took off the left side and notice that the hoses where crushed in because of the suction from the pump. when i open the reservoir you can feel the suction. the tank was empty. but there is no signs of a leak. can i just fill the tank and all would be good or is there a blockage some where and that’s what crated the sution?

Obviously you must contact Glowforge support for the answer, but as far as filling the tank that is not something you can do without knowing what coolant is used by Glowforge. It is quite unusual that there is not some evidence left behind of the coolant that had once been in the tank. Has your machine been exposed to extreme weather? When did you last use the machine successfully?


I have contacted GF on the issue. they have yet to respond to me and its no longer in the Warranty. I used my pro a week ago and everything went good. I don’t use enough and that’s why i am selling it

How much water should there be inside the glass tube? i see there are two diffrent chambers. should there be water in both or just one?

Do not try to add any liquid to your Glowforge. You should not be able to see any liquid in the tube. Sometimes you will see bubbles upon starting up the machine. Once they are purged you won’t see any liquid.

Are you still selling this Glowforge?


Pretty sure that individuals a while back ago figured that it was a simple solution of water and glycol but no details at to the actual mix or the type of water used or any other possible additives like anti-fungals chemicals.

So we just say it’s unicorn tears.

And it should be so full that you can’t tell it’s in there…aka no bubbles after the initial run unless you’ve vigorously moved it and shaken the bubbles up. 5 years and never seen bubbles outside the very first time i ran the machine.

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Yes i am still selling it. But am still waiting for a response from Glowforge on what i should do next.

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