Cooling Alert


Yesterday we did some printing on some soft acryl.
Now the GF tells me there is a cooling alert. It does this every time I turn on the power before it even calibrated. So it’s goes in the alert mode right after startup.

We had the printer off for the night so the printer is cooled down, and the room temp is 19 degrees celsius.
All the airflow openings are clean. We had no cooling problems before!

Is there fix for this problem.

Support will be able to take a look at your logs to see what’s going on when they see your post.

(The “soft acryl” wasn’t vinyl, was it? That’s a no-no. It can potentially damage the machine.)

Hello Jules

Thanks for your input.
Nooo it wasn’t vinyl.

Here in Holland it is already weekend and I think yours will start soon to.
So we can look oncoming Monday. Do I have to do something in order for support to Access
our log file?


It’s only Friday here, they might see it today. They don’t need anything else to check the logs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, if you can’t get it started, none of the other checks really apply. You probably need to wait to hear from support after they see your post.

Did you try rebooting everything to clear any stuck error messages? (Router, computer and Glowforge.) That sometimes works.

I had support answer me on Easter Sunday, so it is possible to hear from them.

They (support) have said historically that it is helpful to give them the date, time, and time zone to narrow down the search.

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I have followed up with you by email and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.