Cooling the CO2 Module

Most Lasers have some form of water cooling for the CO2 unit. What does the GF do?

It circulates water (or some other liquid) through the tube and then through a heat exchanger that has the exhaust air blowing over it.

The pro model has a Peltier heat pump somewhere in the heat exchanger to increase the temperature difference.


When I visited @dwardio, he pointed out that the Peltier location will be on the right hand side.

Here is a picture of where is goes:

The black grill is supposed to replaced with the Peltier.


I can’t orient myself to where I am looking in this photo.

This is a open lid shot. Look to the right of the crumb tray:


It’s looking into the right hand side of the machine from the bed. It’s confusing because you can see the reflection of the tube that looks to be going away from the view but is actually mostly behind.

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The coolest is the gurgle gurgle gurgle and bubbles the first time you turn it on, if the shipping company had unfortunately tilted it…

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