Copy and paste from Adobe Illustrator to Glowforge scale issue

Hey y’all!
Hope you are all well.
I have run into a issue where when I copy and paste from Illustrator to the GF UI, its 25% smaller. I have had this before, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what I did to fix it.
Thanks in advance!

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Don’t have an answer for you, but hello…I remember you.


unfortunately, it’s a known issue now with AI for Windows with the most recent updates. :frowning: it’s not an issue with Mac.

i can go find the link on the adobe site where i posted this as a bug and asked them about fixing the issue, but i haven’t gotten a response from them yet.


Actually, it is an issue for Mac. I’m using the latest CC version of Illustrator and everything pasted into GFUI is coming in too small. I’m using Mac Mojave.

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you should submit a separate ticket. they weren’t getting that behavior before. did you recently update?

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You’ll definitely want to check if your export settings have possibly changed after an update, since the copy/paste seems to use those export settings rather than the save as settings. I will try and test later today on a mac — I think the last Illustrator CC update was 9-10 days ago.


You’re a genius! That was the problem. I don’t use the export so I didn’t know Responsive was checked by default there.

Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 1.05.37 PM

I did a dummy export to set that dialog box, and the paste came in at the right size.

Now, if you can tell me why every time I allow Photoshop to update, my workspace preferences are reset to default, I’d be grateful. I’ve decided not to update every time for just that reason.

Thanks again, genius!


Thanks for reporting this, and I’m sorry about the trouble. As @shop mentioned above, the team is aware of this, and we’ve let Adobe know about the trouble. Unfortunately, there isn’t a workaround for this issue using the latest version of Illustrator on Windows right now. Files should import at the correct scale if they are exported to an svg and uploaded (or, alternatively, if the design is exported, then the resulting svg is copied and pasted to the Design Library).