Copy and Paste Functionality

I haven’t really seen this discussed yet, but I have been using it a LOT lately. [info here] It makes revisions so much less painful. I know go through 2-3 times as many iterations in a shorter period of time now, and am able to keep my files managed much more efficiently than before. As long as this can handle larger files (svgs with embedded images), then its even better than a plugin to me! Well done!

I’m not sure if anyone else has made much use of this feature, but I know I have, and its worth checking out. I know it says it only works on up to AI 2015, but I have had great success in the latest version of AI CC.



I’m not an Ai guy but I do hope this is a sign of things to come. Right now most of what I do goes through two programs before getting to the GFUI which makes tweaks somewhat slow to do.


Good to hear, as that will almost certainly be my workflow (having been a user of the Adobe stuff for most of the history of modern desktop computing :grin: )

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I used it immediately on announcement. It’s a feature I didn’t realize I wanted. Glad it’s here.


I’ve tried to use this with Inkscape on Windows and didn’t get it to work. What are the steps? I’d assumed, from Inkscape, I’d select the objects and paths, ctrl-c, then ctrl-v into the app dashboard… but nothing happens.

I have gotten raster images to upload from other webpages. Right-click / Copy Image, then ctrl-v in the app dashboad.


I’m illustrator you select what you want and copy it. Then paste it into the files section of the glowforge UI. In CS6 this only shows up as a taster image, but with CC it comes in as vector. It caused me to upgrade to CC =)


Yeah, I haven’t been able to get Inkscape copy and paste to work either.

Opened the question in Problems and Support.


Beautiful. I imagine that will save loads of time.

Just a note for Affinity Designer users: