Copy and Paste what am I doing wrong?

I thought that clicking on control+c when I highlight an image, it was supposed to bring up a copy? But nothing happens. So what am I doing wrong? I’m using my laptop without the mouse. Nothing I do seems to work to make multiple copies of an image Id like to cut.

It should be copied in the clipboard. Then you have to control + v for pasting. There isn’t a duplicate copy function as there is in Inkscape that copies and pastes in one keyboard action.


When you do use the Ctrl-V, the copy will be placed directly over the image you copied. Just click on it, and drag it to where your want it.

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Looks like you have only been on the forum since last week, so welcome.

Your title says it all - copy and paste. You got the copy, but it didn’t show because you didn’t paste. Now you have it mastered. Here are some other keyboard shortcuts you will find useful:


I’m sorry for the trouble while using the app. I’m glad to see that you’ve already received some great advice from our other community members!

A quick thing I would add is that, if you aren’t using a mouse, you can move selected artwork with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Please let us know if the information you’ve received so far lead to being able to create copies of your artwork.

I got it figured out and all is well. Thank you

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Hi Dan,

I am happy you were able to get it figured out and get printing.
Should you have any further questions you can always reach out to support directly at:

Happy Printing!