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I’m new to the Glowforge, got it last Tuesday. Im loving it. Today I am trying to engrave the same artwork on 3 pieces in the Forge at the same time. I have read that you can hover over the image and get an arrow to ‘copy’ and then paste the second and third image. I don’t get an arrow at all. I couldn’t find anything regarding this searching the forum. Im in Safari on MacOS 10


You can copy and paste within the Glowforge app/UI using the normal cmd+c and cmd+v controls. Click on something in your uploaded design, then copy and paste to duplicate it.


Awesome. Worked perfectly.

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Here is a list of shortcuts, hopefully this helps you get started. I had no idea I could rotate by 45° until I found this list!


does this work on the new trial premium software?

UI keystroke commands work on any object in the workspace.

forgive me for being old and new at this! is the UI capitol letters or short lingo for something else?

UI = user interface = the GF web app in this instance. :slightly_smiling_face:

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well thank you all for being patient with me! i will play with this and see if this computes! i am trying clicking on my design and using my copy but it will not paste for me. i have also tried after choosing the design, to use the alt key+c and alt+v and still at a loss.

On windows, I believe it’s ctrl-C and ctrl-V.

That’s what the linked page says as well.

as long as i am here with the pros, i want to cut earrings out of wood and only get the engrave on the action. Any suggestions? thanks, granny

It worked eflyguy! thanks

Not sure if you got an answer to this elsewhere, but in case you didn’t:

If you are using a graphics program (Inkscape/Illustrator/etc) you create a vector line around your image. When you import that .sgv into the UI it’ll have 2 commands, the engrave for your raster (your earring’s image) and a cut for your vector (the line around your earring). You can do a search here for “How to Create a Cut Line” and the name of your art program.

If you’re doing this solely in the UI, using the premium tools, there is an outline function. When you click on your earring - a box appears center right. Click on the thing that looks like a mountain icon and it’ll offer to outline your image.

Ok I have a question. Once you copy and paste how do you get the duplicate off of the original if their too close? Everyone I grab it, it grabs both images and I’m ready to scream!

Use the arrow keys to move it as soon as you paste. Use shift to move it faster.

You can also move the original out of the way before you paste.

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Just shift and arrows?

Regarding copy and paste, some images I can copy and paste even though they have a couple elements and it pastes without adding it to the sidebar where I have to adjust the settings. I tried to create a simple square with inner square etched. I highlight the whole thing, copy, then paste. It then creates another set of sidebar things where I have to adjust settings and it starts to get slow. I tried to etch a business card but with text i have to do a new line for each since paragraph text isnt a thing. Each card had 5 lines. I copy and paste and it generates 5 lines of sidebar settings for each one. Takes forever to synch up and do anything with. Then other times, it just seems to let me paste as many as I want with only one set of sidebar graphics to deal with. I have no idea how to make this work without doing one at a time. I dont use a graphics program, just what the glowforge app has.

Or can I group elements so that they are one? got an etched box with an outline and they are two separate elements. want to combine them for copy paste.

Not in the GF user interface.

I’ve tried both raster and vector things and I never get a new sidebar item - can you post that art so someone else can see if they get the same thing?

I just did a quick test, and it appears that the text objects in the GFUI are currently limited to single lines. @wayne has five lines of text in the design, so five text objects. Text objects created within the GFUI seem to create a new sidebar item each time they are duplicated. That will add up quickly when creating copies.

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