Copy Paste issues

Has anyone recently started having issues with Copy/Paste? I am using a iMac with Adobe Illustrator. I can create a shape for instance in the GFUI and then Copy/Paste and it pastes the last thing copied in AI. I went into AI and created a square then Copy/Paste and it pasted a square. I went back into GFUI and created a circle shape and copy/paste and it pasted my square from AI. Anyone else?

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble @shophurstell.

To help our team investigate further could you try another browser and let me know if the same behavior occurs?

Next, could you share one of the files you’ve created that has experienced this copy/paste behavior? Does this happen with all files?

There’s also a couple just general housekeeping items I’d like to suggest to see if they help:

  • Disable any anti-virus, ad blocking, or pop up blocking software and try again
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies and try again.

It’s not doing it now. I walked away for awhile and also restarted my computer. Don’t know if it was me or something with GF. Thanks for reaching out.

Probably just windows being windows. Always always always reboot your machine if something weird is going on that shouldn’t be happening. Fixes 90% of the problems encountered. :slight_smile:


Hi @shophurstell - Glad to hear things seem to be back to normal! In that case, I’m going to close this topic but feel free to reach out again if you ever need anything else.