Copy&Paste, old image pasted & now GFUI in on it

I’ve posted about this issue before–was OK for a while, but is happening again a lot (maybe because I’m doing it a lot more):
Image A, copy & paste a few times. All OK.
Upload image B, copy & paste, once OK, twice OK, third time image A appears (and different size).
This has happened with both SVG and jpeg files.

So as I often do, hit Undo until get back to last desired result.

Last night, was back to what looked OK on the GFUI (I had done etching & cutting & then flipped the items to etch the back side, and numbered the items to remind me what image to place where).
I first put in image for #4 (A as in above generic example), copied and pasted into every #4 spaces. I then loaded image for #1 (B) and pasted twice–second OK in GFUI, third time got image for #4(A). So undo until back to GFUI not showing #4 (A) where I wanted #1 (B) image (not all in this picture area).

The rounds marked #1 and #4 are critical here: GFUI shows the same image for the two (the left most was original image (B), next one was pasted). I missed that one of my “undo” also moved a #4 from its spot, so only 2 of 3 in the spots marked for #4 have an image.

But when it etched, the image of #4 (A) showed up in the second place for #1 (B) which was not what the GFUI showed. Whooooaaaa.

I forgot to take an image of the board before I started my next job, so you see 6 etched images. The second job, I removed all #4(A) images, moved #1 (B) into the missed spot marked for 4 and I uploaded a #2 (and some others–but not copying & pasting any of them, but they are out of the shot).

And then my GFUI crashed, and when I had to log back in, my GFUI was blank, lost all images and not my “last job”. So all the cut images “ignored” to help me align my etchings on the flipped side are gone, and I’ll be back to guessing the offset I need to finish making these.

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Holy guacamole Batman! That seems like an awful lot of copying and pasting work every time you need to run some images…had you given any thought to just setting your engraves up in the SVG file before you save the file? Makes alignment a sure thing, and much easier to make sure the correct images get placed where you need them.

Demo of the technique here:

(Just place it once and then all you have to do is set them to Ignore in the thumbnail column if you don’t want to print that side…no more need to copy and paste and carefully place and align copies.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Jules,
So far I get errors with my images when I have tried to combine engraves with svg–but I’m sure it’s been more my error, so really, really happy you provided this link!! :hugs:

Also this is a case where setting up with snapmarks would help, too. But often I’m too lazy to do the work setting up the files first, esp. when something I do maybe once or twice a year!

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And now have to learn how to convert this information to work in Corel version… though I do also have Inkscape. Dang, have to think, not just do! :thinking:

Should work exactly the same, you just have to go to different places for aligning. (Wherever you normally go for that in Corel.) :slightly_smiling_face:

So it seems the Student version I have _does not let you convert object/text to curves!_But able to do so in Inkspace (when you paste, option is right there, embed or link).

But will see how it turns out now–when on the GFUI it is only showing one of the two images (so not even able to select ignore for the one I don’t want to use yet). Likely still learning curve with the program, since the images are both in the file, but unlike your example, can’t see both.

But still doesn’t address why my cutting & pasting is freaking out, and then image etches that wasn’t what the GFUI showed! hmmmph. Still want to be able to copy & paste to do many in one run, not one at a time or upload multiples of the same file.

Can’t help with the Copy and Paste in the GFUI, I’ve never tried to do more than one copy at a time, but I recently (like yesterday, chuckle) did do a 3D engrave file that had three separate PNG files overlaid right over the top of each other, and it had no trouble seeing all three of the images.

The disadvantage is though - if image files are overlaid, you will sometimes only see the top image on the screen. So it becomes a matter of faith that they are still aligned exactly where they need to be. (They always have been when I’ve done that.) But you should still get separate operations set up for each in the thumbnail column. You can set it to Ignore there, and it will not process.

I think if you want to actually see the overlaid images on the screen, you need to use a PNG format for them instead of a JPEG image. (PNG has transparency information, JPGs usually have a white background inserted when compressing.)

Anyway, hope that helps some.

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Thanks, I’ll see if making them PNG works, but at least getting one image embedded into an SVG will make a lot much easier for a lot of jobs I do! (though often not sure if I’ll ever do more than 1, so I do the fast & dirty method as a work around, but now I know it was the software version (and I am not procrastinating as badly, so more time to figure out a solution).

Well you can, if you need to, drag and drop a second image onto the file and process it separately. Just align to the pink Preview, not whatever you have burned onto the wood.

If you don’t want to set it up in advance with both images (one for front and one for back) in the same place in the original file, you can always just add the backside image after. (Kind of a hybrid job.)

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Thanks, that’s what I did (but haven’t tried the PNG yet).
Fortunately only “lost” 2 of the ones that were already cut last night & the GFUI crapped out on and lost my cut image last night to align to, so my guessimate of adjusting position based on actual cut lines was pretty good. But after getting those redone, I think I call stick a fork in that project and call it done (for now).

Worked on getting other files updated now, too. Thanks for getting me thinking again on the method of combining artwork & cutting files!

Thanks for letting us know about this. This is very interesting, and I appreciate the details and images you provided with your example. Of course, I’m also sorry this led to some trouble with your print results.

I agree with @Jules that you may find it overall less time-consuming to prepare these multi-engrave files ahead of time, so I’m glad you’re on your way to getting that done! However, to investigate the copy-paste issue, I’ll need some more details about your browser first. Could you please do the following?

  1. Go to
  2. Click the link underneath “Share my system info with tech support”
  3. Copy the highlighted link
  4. Reply to this, and paste in the link provided

Once I have this information, I’ll work on reproducing the issue so we can work on it for you. Thanks!

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Thanks Vee,
I use Firefox 63 on my windows 10 PC for connecting with Buckaroo
(and always have used Firefox, though they’ve had a few updates since I’ve been using my GF).

Thank you so much for that! I wanted to check in and let you know that I’m still in the process of investigating this issue. I’ll keep you updated!

I’ve got the same problem! Been dealing with this. Have so many orders to get out and I have to keep dealing with this. Either won’t copy and paste or it copies and pastes something I might have done yesterday or some random item I copy and pasted just prior or hours ago. Click on something to move it and then it moves something else. HELP!!!

Clear your cache and/or try a different browser.

Already cleared cache

As suggested, try a different browser. Chrome is recommended.

Chrome is what I’ve always used. I tried another browser today, still the same problem, plus deleting items on the screen once I have them placed. I have spent hours trying to get what was usually an easy job done. I’ve ran behind now trying to get orders done. I couldn’t tell you how many hours I’ve put in this week wasting my time with this. The orders I have have a ton of small pieces and copy and paste is how I have to do it all.

Why not do all your duplication in your design app?

I have never used the copy/paste option in the GFUI, except to test in cases like this (which I did, in 3 browsers on my Mac, and also in Linux…) Other than approximate design element placement, the GFUI is just a “print driver” as far as I am concerned.