can people see and copy my registered trademark logo while im working

® ?
© ?

federally registered

welcome dan, but I don’t understand your request


Hey john, when i upload my image to work, then begin the glowforge process, is it in a open forum, while the machine is working, van someone see and download my vector ?

you should be using the

to work on your laser, not the forum!


Do you mean Glowforge employees (“people”) and in the Glowforge User Interface (“while I’m working”)? If so, yes, they can see designs that are uploaded, but only for troubleshooting purposes. They’re not going to steal them or anything.


yes thats what im using, my uploaded vector is on a page with other free vectors to use, or am i the only person seeing my upload

@geek2nurse is correct this is private only YOU see the images


Yes. That’s why you have to log in to use the interface.


the glowforge community

no one except you can see the images, the results of your print and other tech support data is uploaded to glowforge tech for trouble shooting, but the images are private

If you upload your file to the community forum (here), everyone can see it. If you’re talking about uploading it to the Glowforge User Interface (where you print from), then only you can see it.


thank guys. if any body loves labs !

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we call those “Lab Coats” :stuck_out_tongue:

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love labs

And here I was thinking you were making stuff for large short-haired dogs :dog2:


Aren’t all registered trademarks publicly available? Otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose. If lawyers can’t check for conflicting trademarks then you would think that the Target bullseye would be used almost everywhere for different things.

Anyway, a standard forum member or other user of the GF cloud can not see your files. The company itself or a good Russian hacker could probably see almost anything if they wanted. That’s why it would be a criminal offense for an employee to upload a Government classified design to any cloud service.


Yep. I tried to find OP’s but the USTPO search is awful!

Also people can copy the logo right off the web site, no need to hack into Glowforge!


Indeed. Simple as right-click & copy image.

Sometimes the way the page is made (not the OP’s) you have to do a screen cap and then crop but pretty much anything displayed on a web page can be copied. Heck there’s always the camera in your pocket :slight_smile: