CorelDraw Plugin

Im sure that This is the wrong spot to post this. However anyone have plugins for Coreldraw, mostly for fast converting photos for engraving. Thanks for the help

That seems like a perfect question for Everything Else. I know @jules posted CorelDraw instructions once, so maybe she’ll know :slight_smile:

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I’ve posted some tutorials but I don’t recall seeing any plugins for CorelDraw. @jamesdhatch might know of some - I think he uses it as his main design program.

You might find @jbmanning5’s discussion of his Photoshop actions useful. Possibly you could recreate the process in a CorelDraw plugin (does CorelDraw do rasters?).

I don’t bother to use any plug-ins with CD. They have Corel PhotoPaint in the suite and it does all the photo work I need. But I’m also a Gimpl and Paint.Net user as well so generally I can find a tool to do what I want.

Sean makes a couple of Corel scripts. Folks get good results from it, but I haven’t tried it as I’m pretty proficient at doing it myself.

This is his FB page where you can search for posts to see it in action.


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