I seem to recall you can buy sheets/slabs of Dupont Corian[tm] relatively thin I think down to 1/4" Does anyone know if you could use that plus the fancy Dupont adhesives to make designs that don’t have apparent seams?

I haven’t used the material myself but a brief look at it sounds like it is pretty dense so I would have thought cutting would be hard/impossible on even the pro. Hopefully you find someone that has worked with it, or maybe @dan has head of it and can chime in.

We haven’t tried it but googling [laser cut corian] looks pretty promising.

Confession time.

In a former job I had a plant tour of the Buffalo, NY facility where Dupont makes Corian. The technology was pretty amazing way back then. It just got me to thinking the ability to adhesive together any shape along a plane and then buff out the visible seam thanks to their color matching and the wild variance of available colors has to lead to something exciting when coupled with precision cutting and engraving from Glowforge.

I’m not an expert nor have I tried it myself(looks great) but I have seen it cut with a 400 watt laser (half inch think). I would expect 1/4inch to be easier but I doub’t GF will be able to cut 1/4inch corian might even struggle with 1/8th inch. Engraving on the other hand I expect it will do a better job of.