Cork engraving

Anyone engrave on cork? I need to do some 1/4 inch thick cork coasters. Was curious about speed and power settings? And also settings for thin leather. Probably 1/16th or less maybe. To cut and engrave. Thanks for anyone’s help!

If you do a search for “cork settings” over in the “Beyond the Manual” section (the only place we can discuss non-PG settings) you’ll find a BUNCH. :slight_smile:

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So, first of all, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Cork is something you’ll just have to test, because it can vary a great deal.

I will say that cork engraves very dark with almost no laser power. If you engrave it harder, it tends to just make sooty mess.

I’d say test your cork and figure out your settings, it’ll be the only way to be sure.


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