Cork trivet engraving

My mother-in-law was using a wood coaster (much too small) to put her teapot on so I decided to engrave a cork trivet for her. She’s Italian so I used Inkscape to create a design inspired by Italian tiles. I used cork trivets from Ikea.

The darker one is an old trivet that we’ve been using for years - I figured if it didn’t work it would be no loss :smile: but it did work so I did a second print on a new piece of cork. It isn’t perfectly centred, but it’s close enough. No matter what I do, my prints are always slightly off centre.


Nice work, cool designs. Cork is satisfying because it engraves so dark with so little power.

As for alignment, I’d recommend using a corner jig. The basic process is that you draw a full- scale outline of your trivet in inkscape along with your design, then make an L- shaped path that touches two points on the circle.

You place cardboard or something cheap in the gf, load up your design and then cut the corner off so your L is right where the trivet needs to be.

Open the Glowforge, slot in the trivet so that it’s seated in the cut corner jig, turn off the L-cut and turn on the engrave. The alignment will be dead center perfect every time.

Do not trust the camera, trust your jig. Never move the art and have faith :slight_smile:

Here’s the process illustrated:

Enjoy, jigs are a piece of cake, you’ll never look back :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll give that a go.


That is a nice design. I bet you made her very happy!


How did I miss this tip for so long?!? Thanks!

@jane , that’s a lovely gift, in more ways than one. Your MIL will be so pleased with her ‘old’ new coaster.

Welcome to the forum; hope you hang around and post lots.


Welcome to the forum Jane! Great first post. I love the design on your trivets. Please keep posting!


Very nice! Love a cork engrave!


Thanks! I’ve made lots of other things but I’ve never got around to posting before. I do love following other people’s work, though, and I’ve learned a lot.


Post more! Post more! Post more! :slight_smile: